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Free Beer

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We love Beer! There we’ve said it. But what we also love is the brewing of beer. So, we decided to embark on a little experiment. We’re not doing anything new. In fact it was one of those ideas that you realise other people have had before you. As we’re keen FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software) people, we thought it would be good to extend our love of Free Software to Beer and start to create a series of recipes that are Free as in free speech (not as in free beer - although now they are! Read More...


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Scrum, one of the most popular “agile” frameworks people are adopting (or abusing) in the work place. As a software developer I have a soft spot for Scrum. The Guide is small and easy to read. How I like to frame Scrum, is that it’s a mirror that will reflect dysfunction in an organisation. The framework sets in place what’s needed so that a team (and an organisation) can start to see what’s not working. Read More...